We make IT work

IT-solutions that develops and scale your business.
Specialists in healthcare-IT and Clean-Tech.

How we help
We improve your business in four areas of IT. Within all four areas we operate as it-architects, developers, technical advisors, and experts in quality assessment.
Develop your idea to a running IT-system while fulfilling business goals.
Create coherence between your systems through IT-architecture and the most suitable integration services.
Enrich your existing systems with modern technologies such as Big Data, Cloud, Mobility and Usability.
Optimize investments in your systems with a complete Life-Cycle effort incl. DevOps, QA, virtualization and safety.
Customers we help
For more than 18 years we have solved problems for public and private customers by developing their business idea into IT-solutions. This is a selection of our customers.
We built more than software - we built collaborations based on trust, innovation and continuous commitment.
How we work
In close collaboration we locate the roots of your challenges, and we specify how to solve them. We work with agile methods, a "fail fast" mentality, and in feedback with you.
Changeable direction
You will run into agile development with Scrum, Lean and some common sense.
Iterative development
We test our ideas fast and regulate the solutions continually in order to fit your needs.
Continuous learning
You will experience a close collaboration with feedback loops. This is our way of maturing the collaboration and the solutions fast.
Dedicated partners
We continually evaluate your possibilities, and we discuss our collaboration on short and long term basis.